Virtual guarding services a complex system of protection, in addition top hysical guarding and sub systems of security and fire alarm, includesa number of subsystems:


  • alarm subsystem;
  • Access Control System (ACS);
  • CCTV system.
  • video streaming technology


In this case, the functions of jointly acting systems must complement each other without causing mutual interference on the performance of its constituent parts.

The modern complex protection system performs the following tasks:

  • Detection and registration of unauthorized human intrusion (intruder) into the area of the object, into buildings and restricted premises and also well informing the guardians about emergency situations.
  • Observing the territory that is adjacent to the buildings of the object.
  • Organizing of access for staff and visitors into the area and to restricted premises.
  • Computer analysis of the “safety” of the object, of the functionality of the KCO (dispatch devices) elements and the actions of the service staff.
  • Organization of anxiety ringing alarms and Rapid Alert alarm.
  • Protection of the enterprise staff, customers, as well as material assets in case of spontaneous or organized public attacks on the protected object.

The creation of modern KCO (dispatch devices) fordifferent objectsusuallyrequires the use ofintegrated systems, which includethe following majorsubsystems:

  •   Technical strengthening and engineering safeguards techniques;
  •   Guard security;
  •   Fire safety;
  •   Bell alarm;
  •   Systems of inspection and control of access;
  •   Video surveillance systems;
  •   Information security;
  •  The complex of arrangements.