You should pay for security; otherwise you will have to pay off for its absence.
(Winston Churchill)

Security of office and administrative buildings, shopping and entertainment centers, private apartments, cottages, houses, property in public and private warehouses, construction sites, kiosks, shops, pawnshops, building areas, enterprises, organizations, residential and non-residential buildings, parking lots.

Protection of life and health, personal security of customers.

Security and law enforcement during the cultural events.

This security is organized on individual protection systems for guarding material assets of the customer.

Around-the-clock post, day and night watch on request of the customer.

Tasks of physical security:

  • Controlof access regime;
  • Ensuringthe orderof bringing in(carrying out), import (export)of material values​​and coming and going of employees and customers;
  • Controlof traffic flow;
  • Bypass ofthe object;
  • Monitoring of technicalprotection systems;
  • Ensuring the orderand requirementsinside the object regime;
  • Watching the visitorsand workersof the enterprise;
  • Guarding of property and other material assets taken under protection;
  • Law enforcement ensuringduring mass activities;
  • Ensuring the safety ofpersonnel.

The cost of services depends on the number of posts, work schedule, used technical equipment as well as the location of the guarding post.

The prices for our services are fully consistent with the impact of our work.

All of our customers receive effective protection based on an individual approach, professionalism and competence.

We see our purpose in helping you to save everything what is dear for you.