Control panel protection.

The technical means of protection include:

•  security and fire alarm systems;
•  access restriction systems;
•  video surveillance system;
•  IP-monitoring, notification, communication and others.
•  complexes based on computer comprising the itemized systems.


•  round-the-cock centralized protection of objects from the control panel of the centralized monitoring via radio and other protocols;
•  set-off of the rapid response team in case of need;
•  reliably and efficiently.

The purposes of these systems are:

•  the alarm protection systems fix the fact of unauthorized access to the protected area, an alarm is transmitted to the monitoring control panel and include performing devices;
•  with the help of the access restriction systems the automated control of access into premises is put into practice. They may be small systems, the doors (turnstile) and systems that control the movement of people. The user’s authentication occurs via magnetic or electronic cards. The control system can be supplemented with a set of code on particularly sensitive areas.
•  the video surveillance system will allow you to inspect visually the premises of your object. Modern CCTV systems are able to archive huge amounts of information and it helps to conduct an internal investigation, even if since the time of your period of theft has been more than a month. Video data recorders allow you to record only the “active events” when in range of the camcorder a movement happens and it significantly reduces the time of viewing archived events, all empty information is simply dropping out.