10342878_304079239754255_1396151890067161215_n (BODYGUARDS)

Protection of life and health of the customers and their family members.

Protection during transportation of valuable documents, cash, business documentation.

The main task in the work of a bodyguard is to prevent a threat to the protected person. Each bodyguard must have the skills of psychological work, as well as quick response to estimate the situation correctly and to make proper decisions efficiently. Our staff capacity allows you to organize your safety in shortest time and to perform professionally all the obligations imposed on us.

Customer can choose the mode of operation on his own:

  • hourly mode: Personal protection is provided at the time of the mass activity.
  • normalized mode: bodyguards are with the customer throughout the whole working day.
  • around-the-clock mode: bodyguard protects the customer within 24 hours.

Bodyguard can protect not only you but also your family members.

In the latter case, the most effective mode is forming of personal protection group, the numerical strength that is determined according to the level of threat to the customer.

Regardless of your choice of the protection mode, we guarantee you the strict compliance with our obligations, and providing the staff that are able to protect you in any situation.